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How far is it!

Q) I want to know how far is my city from another by road and by air. Where will I get a tool that will compare the road and flight distances?
Q) How do I find out whether travelling by air is better or travelling by road? Is there any tool to find it?
Q) I am travelling to a city for a business trip. How do I know how far is that ciy by road and by air?

A) Distancesfrom provides you with a tool that calculates how far is your destination! It provides the road distance as well as the fight distance from the two locations that you have entered. It calculates how far is the destination by road and by air. This in turn helps to decide whether you will have to travel by road or take a flight.

How far are we travelling?

This is a question that we are often worried about. It is always good to know how far we are travelling. If we are travelling to a different city, first thing to decide is whether going by road is better or by air. For this we should be able to compare both road and flight distances. This utility from distancesfrom provides you with information about how far is your destination by road and by flight. It gives us a clear comparison between road distance and air distance. Once you have this comparison, taking decision is not a major task. So, for your next journey use this tool and commute smoothly.

*Note that we only provide an approximate ESTIMATE, although the accuracy of the how far calculations tends to be very high!